Ear Infections in West Highland White Terriers

Many Westie dogs have recurrent ear infections.  What causes this?


infected-ear-in-dogs As with many hairy dogs, Westies have always had a predisposition to have ear infections.  Many have yeast infections at the same time.  If your dog has brown feet and smelly ears, it's likely a yeast infection.

This ear is so infected that it has completely swollen up so that you can not look into the ear canal.

Your vet will instruct you on how to keep your dogs ears clean and free from ear infections.

he will likely prescribe a triple antibiotic salve with a steroid which really heals the ear quickly.  Most prescriptions are Animax, Dermavet and Panalog, all mostly the same.  Each Vet will sell you the brand he is promoting and which he will get a kick back from the drug companies.

Same with food.  A vet will have certain foods in his business, all of which he will make a 50% profit from.  Some vets will sell you as much food as they can until you say enough! eardiagram



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