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Do Not Leave Your Pets in the Car during Hot Weather


PLEASE, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOGS IN YOUR VEHICLE even with the windows cracked, even for 15 minutes! 

Leaving your dog in a car on a hot day can kill him.

    The air inside the vehicle can heat up to 130 degrees and above VERY QUICKLY. 

    It is a death sentence for dogs,
    cats, and children to leave them in a vehicle in the summer months - even if the sky is cloudy.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, we typically have a heavy cloud cover in the morning - but it can burn off quite suddenly. 

    English Bulldogs are particularity susceptible to heat.  They just can not handle it

    And, don't think leaving the dogs (or anyone else) in the vehicle with the air conditioner running is a solution.  Motors stall out or overheat and the air conditioning quits working. 

    Many dogs will die a tragic death from being left in the car over the next few
    months..  DO NOT LET YOUR DOG BE ONE OF THEM !!!

    AT HOME - Be sure to leave your dog with plenty of fresh, clean water.  If there is a chance the dog can tip over the water container while you
    are gone, find a way to fasten it securely. 

    f your dog is left outside, make sure they have a shaded area away from the direct sun.

    Just a few moments of evaluating your dog's environment may save its life.  Your job is to protect your dog from any danger - so plan ahead for our hot summer days. 

    Tell this message to anyone you know who loves their dogs.  We cannot remind each other about this enough.


    Have a great and safe summer










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