Westie, Fox Terrier & Schnauzer Food allergies

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If your dog won't eat his dog food or kibble

I've had this problem with my dogs going up to their kibble,sniff it and then walk away knowing I'll be making something better later on for the evening meal.

When I was at the pet store I was given some kibble as samples.When I took them home I tasted each one. Most were bitter tasting and awful. But there was one of them that tasted like a biscuit. That's the one I bought and my dogs eat it just fine.

Here's how I deal with a finicky dog.

Dog food Gravy to make that kibble tasty.

My Dogs are not gourmets. I'm not saying they are not special, just too darn picky!

Because one of them has an allergy, they both turn their noses up at the kibble I make for them because, well, kibble is mainly a starch, created for the dog food market as an easy way to feed your dog with basically a grain diet. Any dog food with grains should be scrapped or taken back.

Find a good brand without grains and "meals". As in chicken meal or lamb meal. These are the worst types of ingredients and there is no human who could eat feathers and skin.

Dogs in the wild do eat a bit of grains. I have even seen them eat nuts and berries. My dogs love fresh cooked corn so I know they need/like a little grain but dog food companies make the kibble cheap and sell it at a huge profit using genetically modified grains, wheat, rice and corn are all GM processed.

Beet pulp is a controversial ingredient, a high fiber byproduct of sugar beet processing and is usually genetically modified. You don't want your pet eating GM foods.

So I make the kibble for them with human grade ingredients and my dogs still won't eat it until........

I make them some gravy. Do not mix some up from per-packaged gravy mixes.These have way too much salt in them. Instead make your own gravy, adding no salt or garlic for your dog.

Dog food Gravy

The easiest way to make Dog Food Gravy

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