Common Health Problems in West Highland White Terriers and Schnauzers

Dogs vomiting food is very common. They often eat the strangest things!

My dog has been vomiting his food. When he has diarrhea he is prescribed Kaopectate.

This can be precipitated by a variety of things. One being an upset stomach almost every day. Finally the vet has prescribed Pepcid A.C. for the gas in his stomach that prevents him from wanting to eat. He is given Kaopectate when he gets diarrhea.


Sometimes a dog with an upset stomach will vomit his chow.  When this happens I put my canine on a very light and calming mixture that will help his stomach get back in shape.

Please check with your vet before trying this. Your dog may have a very serious illness that mimics an upset stomach.

If your dog is vomiting food or bile (yellow liquid) it would ruin the entire day for him. I knew he would not eat until I calmed him stomach down.  I have my vets approval doing this.

My dog handles milk and cottage cheese quite well, so if I can get him to drink a little then I can give him the Pepcid A.C. and this dissipates the gas that is making his stomach upset and causes vomiting. He is permenently on acid controller and it seems to help and is not harming him.

When Spooky was in the hospital they gave him boiled and chopped chicken breast. I have found this to be a very stable source.

Sometimes giving a dog a milk, will give him diarrhea. I mix 1 to 2 teaspoons of wheat bran (not cereal) from a health food store into the cottage cheese.

This prevents the diarrhea because bran in the intestines soaks up all the liquids and produces a solid stool.

When my dog has diarrhea for several days, I give him 3 CC's of Kaopectate to stop him from getting dehydrated. Keep him on a very bland diet of homemade baby rice cereal (this is the first solid feed a baby dog is fed) and see if this helps.

This is what works for Spooky and hopefully it can work for your dog too.

A dog vomiting food can signal something very serious or nothing at all.

We all know that dogs will vomit for no apparent reason. Sometimes it's because of eating grass which leads me to think that the dog knows grass will make him vomit and there is something in his stomach that is making him vomit.

One time my Cairn Terrier ate a raw almond.

Nuts are not good for your pooch. In fact too many walnuts and you can wreck the organs because walnuts are toxic.

She could not digest the almond and after days of trying to get the almond out, it finally did and from that day onward I was very careful about what she ate.  

Whether or not these remedies help your dog, please take him to the vet to rule out Pancreatitis or other life threatening disease.

I am not a vet, don't pretend to be one and you should not take any of my suggestions without approval from your vet. We want the best care for dogs and canines.

If your dog is repeatedly vomiting his food then you must take him to the vet in case there is something he/she has eaten and needs to get out of the stomach.








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