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    The day I realized that my pets illness was caused by advanced stomach disease and not food allergies.


    Pet allergies and what I learned.

    Above you see a picture of Spooky at about 10 weeks old. I had just brought him home.  3 days later he refused to eat.

    Great information if you are allergic to your dog!

     My pet would vomit every morning. 

    Pet food can cause dog allergies. As I said before the first vet visit was well over $1200.00 dollars in examination, x-rays and drugs.  My dog spooky - he is just over 2 months old in this picture and already had pet food allergies

    So right away they said "it must be a food allergy because we can't find anything in the blood tests, x-rays or stool tests, but "we've got just the thing to cure your pet and make us rich! 

    Our newest and best, tested and retested coolest pet food on the market."  And!  It will only cost you about $150.00 per month.  Well, actually I added it up the costs and it did total that much for their "special" food.

    This is what Vets say when you walk into their office:

    "Oh boy, another Westie, Allergies I bet.  I can sell them all sorts of things while we take our time to come to the correct diagnoses". 

    We kept him on the anti-allergy pet food formula but added bran to his diet. He improved and started eating more pet food, gained weight and looked happier.

    West Highland White Terriers with food allergy like these are all too common. We hope we can give you some hints on how to keep your West Highland White Terriers or any other pet with food allergies in tip top form.


    It may surprise you that there are so many chemicals and known carcinogens in pet food. Most of our family pets are just that, family. We wouldn't feed unhealthy food to our family. So why do we buy into this multi-million dollar industry that produces extruded, rancid grease encrusted meat byproducts for our best friends?

    Yes, I've spent literally thousands of dollars to keep him well during the past 11 years and it was worth it, but I want you to know that you don't have to go through all we have been through to get your pet in a happier place.

    My pet Spooky was finally playing again.  He doesn't wake up in the morning retching and vomiting the moment he wakes up. 

    It's been so long since I've seen him play I forgot what he was like.  He steals my female Westie toys and is just a monster.  LOL  But he's the joy of my life and Elle's best friend.

    Elle is my female Westie and she gets very upset if Spooky whines when at the Vet's.  So I guess what I'm saying is that my two pets have a relationship that is so different than the relationship with me.

    Thank goodness Elle doesn't have stomach disease but Spooky does and it's something we live with everyday.

    I have given up on manufactured pet food because of all the additives in it.  Any of which, Spooky is allergic to.  But when he eats home cooked meals, he has no allergies.  Imagine how better, we as humans, would feel if all our food came from our garden, we knew where our meat came from (without BHT and antibiotics) and knew that the grains we used were not grown with an insecticide that was poison in our pets systems and would cause liver failure.

    pet food and digestive problems.

    About two years ago my West Highland White Terrier started getting his old symptoms back and then in October (2006) he almost bled to death.

    It took about three months to get it under control with blood tests done every month and Prednisone, given every day.

    Then the pet food recall made headlines. Everything fit! Was the Vet Food killing him?

    I immediately took him off the Vet Food for allergic dogs and took back the dog food because by now even my super healthy female West Highland White Terrier was vomiting.

    She had been eating the vet food but was changed over to Bench and Field. Was it non vet approved pet food?

    Spooky was very weak when I brought him home. He was on medication 24 hours a day. I had 5 different medications I was instructed to give him every few hours. So I got up at all hours of the night to give him his medication and to feed him. It was exhausting.

    I did this for an entire month all the while taking him in to the vet for blood tests. At this time I was feeding him a mixture of chicken and rice. His appetite was enormous because he was on the Prednisone. This steroid made him very hungry and thirsty.

    The second month I was told to taper the medication down so he was only getting about half of the Spooky's. As I tapered the Prednisone Spooky's appetite also tapered off.

    I experimented with my own recipes to find one he liked. Since I was now cooking for two pets, I started making all my pet food. I didn't want them to have anything out of a can, pouch or bag.

    I didn't care what manufacturer it was or how much they claimed their pet food was "natural" or "organic" or "pure". No way, not after almost losing him.

    That's how I came up with the recipes you see on this site. 

    I really believe it took a full year for him to recover from the toxins that were in commercial pet food.

    Good luck to you and your best friend.